O60 News

This week we start the second half of the season (the tables are below – we are bottom of a very tight mid-table, but must keep clear water between us and the bottom 3).

We Play FENSTANTON RED on Wednesday 7 July at 2pm in what may not be the most important Match of the Day.

This is a HOME fixture – some of you may remember the game at their place in the rain on 5th May.

The teams are:

Paul, Bill, Malcolm

Robbo, Keith, Ray

John W, John G, Joe

Reserve: Alex

I am a little embarrassed that there are no Ladies this week. The Club has 9 established Lady Players: 4 don’t do O60s, 2 are on the recovery road and the other 3 are doing better things.

I’ll be even more embarrassed if we don’t win well with this line up!

Let me know of any problems.

RAMSEY GOLD71%81707431313118741
SHARNBROOK “A”67%6112529423658529
SAWTRY “A”55%7111933031614528
ROYAL OAK GREEN55%7111933931722427
SOMERSHAM “B”64%6111627926217326
GREAT BARFORD46%810212387397-10426
EATON SOCON “A”33%75412268336-68216
FENSTANTION RED33%77014307364-57115
RAMSEY SCARLET31%86315294388-94015

It’s interesting that, to judge from the names, every other team in this division save us is from a Club big enough to have 2 teams in the League. I’d like Our Club to move to that situation, as I now think Wednesday afternoons is the staple diet of Local Bowls, but the key to this is more Lady Players.

See you Wednesday