O60 home against Sharnbrook

Nice win last week, very close to a 7 – 0 (just a measure on a drawing rink), and against a Sawtry team still in the hunt for runners up spot.

On to our last match of the season, at Home 2pm start on Wednesday 1 September, against a Sharnbrook side needing 5 points to secure second place themselves.

It would be nice to deny them, finish exactly half way in the table (see below), keep the shot difference positive, win more rinks than we lose, and achieve more than an average 56 points in the season! Hope that’s not a tall order, but I’d settle for 3 out of 5.

This is the line-up, a bit short of specialist leads I’m afraid:

John G, Jennie, Ray
Joe, Bill, Tom
Alex, Joy, Malcolm

I’m the stand-by Reserve.

Bring a woolly, that breeze will still be from the NE. I thought about playing across, rather than up & down, for a change?