Captain Log 1st July

Hello there

Just a few notes on matches and the usual plea to Bowlers to “Sign Up Early Please”.

Sunday 30 June Potton Home Taverner Cup
A thoroughly enjoyable day and a win that sets up a finale against Sandy
Cons on 20 July

Monday 1 July 6:15 –
2 EBL Fixtures at Home – B v Sandy Cons and A v Riveraine

Could well be worth watching?

Thursday 4 July 6:00 Gunns Bakery Home
Not to be taken too seriously, this is an introduction to bowling for some
of the bakery staff: the catering is worth signing up for.

Sunday 7 July 2:30 Gransden Home
ASAP please.

Thursday 11 July 6:00 The Bedford Club
This is HOME and not as I said before – we still need 2 players

Saturday 13 July 2:30 Maulden Away

An excellent, fast green and hospitable club (Des and I played there last

The weekend of 3 and 4 August

This is a little complicated, but I need your opinion please; I’ll take it
step by step.

The fixtures are:

Saturday, 4 x Mixed Triples Away at Barton (3 signed up)

Saturday, 2 x Ladies Triples Home to Kempston (3 signed up)

Sunday, Club Triples Day (3 signed up online but 20 have expressed an
interest to enter the triples competition)
I know that some people don’t like to play twice over a weekend. We need to know how many are entering the Triples Competition so we can plan
the day (it will probably be all day).

  • Exactly how many bowlers are entering the Triples Day Competition?

OBVIOUSLY THE BEST WAY YOU CAN ANSWER THIS IS TO SIGN UP FOR THE GAMES OVER THIS WEEKEND (or let me know please if you won’t play on the Saturday).


Captain’s Log 7th June

There two more fixtures to sign up for before the Taverner Cup matches start:

Sunday 16 June (Letchworth Cons Home, 2:30) – THIS ONE IS NEW ONE, not previously on the sign-up list.

Thursday 20 June (Stotfold Away, 6:15).

And there’s time next week to play those internal cup matches.

Don’t forget the “Aussie Pairs” league starts Friday 14 June.

Read more on all of this below.

Friendly Mixed Triples Mid-term Report and Player of The Season

Of our first 10 MTs we have won 4, lost 4 and have a shot difference of plus 58 (2 have been cancelled by the opposition).

I’m calculating a “Captain’s Player Of The Season” and I thought you’d be interested in the results so far.

It’s based on appearances (5 points per match) and rink scores (plus or minus 1 point per shot).

All just a bit of fun, but here is the leader board after 8 games:

TOP 10ShotsGames Points
John G232548
Mike P113041

With apologies to those receiving emails in plain text

The Brian Taverner Memorial Cup

Started by his widow in memory of a Sandy Town player, this competition is in its 4th year.

It’s awarded for results in the nominated 4xMT matches between Potton, Sandy Town, Sandy Cons and us.

The Cup was won by Sandy Cons in the first two years and is now sitting proudly behind our bar.

The matches this year are on Sun 23/6, Sun 30/6 and Sat 20/7: sign up asap please.

Internal Knock Out Competitions

The main round of matches must take place by 30 June, so contact your opponents and arrange dates soon.

Remember the Golden Rule: Never book a competition match to clash with a 4MT that needs players.

My top tips for dates – Tuesdays, Thursdays (exc 20th) and Saturdays

Write your date in the bookings diary as soon as you can.

The draws and contact details are on the Notice Board.

Australian Pairs League

Matches take place on Friday evenings (5:45) starting 14 June with the first round:

Keith & John vs Elaine & Ray

Steve & Steven vs Des & Maz

Mike & Alex vs Danny & Bill

Joy & James vs Joe & Malcolm

Get in touch with your partner/ opponent to check the date is OK and rearrange if necessary.

Format details, fixtures and dates are on the Notice Board.

Let me know of any problems.

Cheers – reply to me if you want to unsubscribe


Captain’s Log 23rd April

Holidays, work and sickness (get well soon Mike Whitlock and John Griffiths) have clearly all taken their toll on the work parties needed to ready the Club for the 2019 Season, and we are a little behind in some areas.

But Bill has been painting, Beryl weed-killing and I have been giving the green a haircut (it looks OK but needs a lower cut, scarifying and then some rain – which it  may get it in the next few days).

A reminder of what’s going on over the busy next couple of weeks:

·         Tomorrow, Wednesday 24 April – the Over -60s League Squad have a practice session lined up, but folks you will have to put out both the ditch mats and the rink markers

·         Friday, 26 April Spoon Drive starting 5pm – Beryl, as ever, and Joe will be making sure this happens and Beryl is arranging burgers, hot dogs etc. (Have a good time)

·         Saturday 27 April – Please support the Spring Coffee Morning at the Club, 10am to noon.

·         Tuesday 30 April – 10 am to noon, working party to make sure the clubhouse and ground is ready for the first match of the season

·         Thursday, 2/5 – first match vs. Bedford Priory at Home – we have just one place available for this match BUT I do need volunteers to prepare teas please.Anyone experienced willing to take their turn on the rota early??? (I’ll be sending the tea rota round soon)

·         Saturday 4 May – second match vs. Eynesbury at Home – by contrast we have only 5 signed up and need 12: please sign up online ASAP (and let me know if for any reason you want to play and can’t sign up)

·         Tuesday 7 May – 10 am to noon, it’s hedge cutting time and we’d appreciate any help we can get with that project.

·         Thursday 9 May – we are hosting a match between Beds County and a North Essex touring side, before an evening match away to Russell Park in Bedford – again we need some players signed up please.

One more thing for you:

We are trying to start the internal competitions earlier this year and a lot of you have signed up for them already: I have put a list on the Notice Board, please add your name to the competitions you want to enter (or delete it as appropriate).

It’s a full time job this bowls, isn’t it?

Thanks for your help

Keith Blaxill