Thanks from Beryl to her Helpers

Hi I would like to thank everyone that helped today. Those that prepared the green and put the wet mats out, then had to explain to a number of teams how to bowl with the wet mats down.

I would especially like to thank Eileen, Cathy and Steve for preparing the food after I abandoned them and went and played for one of the teams that were short of a player. Anne it is always nice to have someone come in at the end to clear up.

I played against a team from Sandy Cons who spent all their time saying how well the green was bowling and how fast it was. That was so nice to hear after all the years of complaint.

The next event where assistance is needed is the Bedfordshire Vice Presidents
playing a team from Southend on the 11th August.

None of these occasions can be undertaken without the support of a reliable team.

Thanks again Beryl

Thanks to you Beryl for everything you do.