Internal Competion Rules

Note the dates by which matches must be played (but please play as early as
possible and enter matches in the diary for ground staff information).

The protocol in respect of arranging games is:

“The player(s) will offer three dates to their opponent(s), giving not less
than seven days’ notice …. The opponent(s) must accept one of these dates
within three days of receiving notice….. One substitute is permissible,
provided that the substitute has not played in a previous round of the

You should have lists of player names, phone numbers and email addresses,
and there is a list on the notice board.

Also attached details of the Walker Australian Pairs League.

This involves 7 matches on Friday evenings, generally speaking, from 14 June
through to 9 August.

Will the 16 players involved please confirm, to Keith, they can take part, as we
may have to find substitutes if not.