Internal Competion Rules

Try to play all matches on the dates provided in the Timetable and on the rinks booked under Green Bookings (when available). If you need to rearrange: book a rink and time on the day agreed, which should be well before the Deadline in the Timetable.

The protocol in respect of rearranging games is: “The cancelling player(s) – or first-named if cancellation is because of weather – will offer three dates to their opponent(s), giving not less than seven days’ notice by email. The opponent(s) must accept, by email or telephone, one of these dates within three days of receiving notice or offer three alternative dates. One substitute is permissible, provided that the substitute has not played in a previous round of the competition and the Competition Committee agrees in advance of the game. The Competition Committee may decide the result of an un-played match if it appears a player or players may be acting unreasonably or not in accordance with protocol”. You should have lists of player names, phone numbers and email addresses.


Great Barford Bowls & Petanque Club Internal competitions 2020 Covid – 19 Requirements

1. Thoroughly wash your hands before leaving home
2. Where possible arrive at the club dressed ready to play.
3. First person upon arrival: Open up gates / clubhouse / Mats & jacks / Organise & sterilize mats / jacks as required. Sterilize hands before commencing to change / start match.
4. Adhere to the current social distancing rule ( 2 meters at present but subject to Bowls England updates)
5. Only touch your own Woods.
6. All Groups of Woods are to be separated by the use of footwear.
7. 1 Jack per person (Singles). 1 Jack per team (Pairs / Triples). Suggest 1 white & 1 yellow in all cases for ease of distinguishing
8. 1 Jack each player (Aussie Pairs ). Suggest 1 pair has white Jacks & the other pair has yellow Jacks.
9. Lead player to use their Jack only (White / yellow).
10. Marker or Skip to centre the Jack using sole of footwear / Jack stick (Sterilize Jack stick before & after use)
11. If your Jack is not being used for a particular end, please keep it with you at all times, as it could be required for the next end.
12. If you deliver your Jack into the ditch or off the rink at the side, it should be retrieved by the user before the end commences.
13. If measuring is required, use your own measure. Do not touch the Woods or Jack with bare hands whilst measuring. The person(A) asking for a number of woods closest to the jack to ask opponent (B) to do the measuring. First, (B) to locate & measure their nearest wood & fix the measure device securely. Secondly,(B) to use the fixed secure measure and check how many (A) woods are inside , shorter than the fixed measure. (B) and (A) agree total woods nearest. Do not share measuring devices.
14. The marker can measure if / when required following the steps in 13 above
15. If woods require chalking please use your own chalk. (Spray chalk where possible should be used). Do not share Chalk.
16. If a jack or wood is “live” in the ditch the coloured markers should be used but positioned with feet. Sterilize before and after.
17. If pushers are required: 1 person only to use for the duration of the match. Sterilize handles before and after use. Do not share pushers.
18. Please DO NOT use scoreboards.
19. Scorecard “holders” may be used. (Sterilize before and after use)
20. Sterilize Mats & Jacks on completion of match.
21. Door handles to be wiped with sterilizer / blue paper roll
22. If the WC is used please wipe surfaces on completion (sterilizer / blue paper roll)
23. Thoroughly wash / sterilize your hands before leaving the club.